Dr. John Fentress

I have known Jill Goldman for a number of years. She is a highly intelligent individual with an unusual ability to work with a wide variety of animals in a variety of contexts. She has established herself as a leader in important animal training, wellness and overall care issues.

Dr. John Fentress, Ethology Behavioral Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dog Behavior Clinic

Dr Goldman! I can't thank you enough for not only saving my family (dogs included), but the harmony i see in our future is something money can’t buy, and I owe it all to you! With all sincerity, your passion for dogs is one thing, but you also care about the human aspect and make matches made in heaven!Its not often you meet talented folks who truly are gifted in their craft! As you can see, I love my dog soooooo much, and you truly tapped into our love for each other! poor guy doesn't have to live in hell for the rest of his senior years!  Thank you!!!!!! LTM, Los Angeles, CA

Petco Testimonial

It was a wonderful presentation Dr. Goldman. Thank you very much. We couldn’t stop talking about all that we learned.

Dr. Jill was ‘right on’ target with figuring out why my cat Jake was peeing on furniture in the house, and what we had to do to change his behavior. She is very detailed and thorough, leaving no stones unturned. I would immediately recommend Dr. Jill’s service to anyone at all. I will hire her again in the future with any animal behavior problems that I may have. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

S. Cady and Jake, Long Beach, CA

This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Thanks for your help, I would not have done it , if it weren’t for you. Thanks again for all your help and care. I feel that you so genuinely care for my dog.

M. Masters and Candy, San Francisco, CA to Sydney, Australia

Just a quick ‘thank you’ for your presentation today. We enjoyed meeting you and listening to your expert presentation.

 L. Nethery, Laguna Beach, CA, Pet Parent Seminar attendee

Scout is doing much better. Honestly, he hasn’t been hyperactive at all actually quite mellow and sweet so thanks for meeting with me and helping me with him.

D. Bunn and Scout, Irvine, CA

Jack Russel Terrier

Thank you so much for saving the day with Rocky.  Send me the link where I leave a review as I think it’s been so essential for us we would have had to get rid of the puppy. And both seem happier now as they love playing together.

Carol Anne Locke, Rocky, Newport Beach, CA

Thank you for your advice. We really appreciate you spending the time to review all of our videos and get a detailed sense of our history with Margaret. We continue to see improvements.

K. and J. Polik and Maggie, Seal Beach, CA

I hired Jill to work out a behavior plan for my two dogs on two separate occasions. She has incredible knowledge of how to alter poor behavior with positive and safe reinforcement. Her plans were detailed, specific and easy to follow. Jill follows up on the plan and makes sure progress is being made. My dogs are happy and better behaved in the situations that challenged them and Jill was instrumental in getting them to that point. Steve hired Dr. Goldman in 2007 and hired her more than once. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

 A. and S. Alfano, Chewie and Wicket, Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Jill, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that all your advice worked. Hallie now plays with Prince and only does a small correction if he does something out of line. Actually, I don’t think she has ever been happier! Thank you so much for everything! Best, LZ

L. Zamprogna and Hallie, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for reaching out Jill. things are going very very well. The girls have had no issues and are doing a fine job playing together, running and even rough-housing. We let Teuila have breaks, although quite often she is instigating play with Yahtzee and it is wonderful to watch. I'm very pleased where all this has gone. I'm feeling much more confident in their behavior and how we have worked through this. We are constantly keeping an eye on them but things are in general calmer in the house. A little play, a little hanging out on the lounge chairs on our patio. Thanks for your help and checking back in.

N. Wright, Teuila and Yahtzee, Bolinas, CA

Thanks for your help and support.

P.  White and Chloe, Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you for providing the summary report. It is thorough and helpful information. We currently do not need any follow-up session for now as everything you provided to us has been extremely helpful. Ava has improved greatly with less barking and excitement overall and has responded positively to the longer walks and lunch toys. We greatly appreciate your help and guidance with Ava, and we will be sure to let you know if anything changes.

L. Wheatley and Ava, Orange County, CA

Hey Jill!! Everything is off the sofa. Occasionally Winky will pee in the pantry but it’s usually on a bag that I take outside (not the same one) so I’m assuming it’s related to smells. She’s doing so well. Thank you for checking in. When we move I will schedule some time with you to review how to make sure I move correctly and get the cats comfortable.

G. Weiss and Winky, Marina Del Ray, CA

They are doing great! I have them on a walk/pack walk schedule every day. It has helped with the pool craziness too. It’s great! Thanks for all your help.

H. Weingarten, Cookie and Minnie, Studio City, CA 


I am writing to let you know that your suggestions to use the basket muzzle and citronella spray saved Frankie’s life. Yesterday, we were on our morning walk when a German shepherd attacked her. She is OK; she suffered no serious injuries because I had that citronella spray and she could not escalate the aggression because of her muzzle. We are very grateful that you gave us that suggestion. Frankie is very happy today, because she was able to go on her walk.

P. Tapia and Frankie, Ontario, CA


Dr. Goldman, Oliver is doing phenomenal and has had no problems going outside of his litter boxes. I am so proud of him and so thankful for your help in getting him to the right place.

M. Swyers and Oliver, Los Angeles, CA


Hi Jill, Sad news. Dempsey passed away this morning at 2am. He had a good long life and I will miss him dearly. He was a great companion for many years and I will miss his shadow. Thank you for all your help at least I got to get a little closer to him this last month.

D. Stevens and Dempsy, Rancho Miage, CA

Thank you for all you helped me with. I would love to add a testimonial - I can't tell you how much the work we did made this transition much easier.

A. Stebel, CowCat and Skullface (DSH) Los Alomitos, CA

Domestic Short Hair

Calm Cat

Things are well!  Zuli definitely responds to exercise as a mood stabilizer.  Zelda seems to be much more settled and social. They actually do eat together when I put treats in the stimulation toys - they play at the same time with no animosity.

A. Lohse and Zuli and Zelda, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Dr.Goldman, Allie seems to be doing great with the help you gave us at the initial consult. We will definitely contact you if we see any changes but we’ve been taking your advice on giving her treats when there are visitors and that has helped tremendously. Thank you so much!  

S. Stankowicz and Allie (Lab x Pitbull) Orange County, CA

Jill -You really must be communing with animals. First, let me say I, and my husband, have been so grateful to you for your help when we needed it. Your suggestions were spot on and Molly went back to eating at normal times. We've spoken of you often! Thank you for your support. If you ever want a referral you’re welcome to use me.

S. Soboil and Molly (Grey Tabby) Los Angeles, CA


Hi Jill, Thank you for reaching out again! All in all, I have seen definite improvement in his behavior… I must thank you for all of your help! This is the first time things feel like they are really changing for the better.  

T. Porter and Sergeant Pepper, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Jill, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and efforts to help us train her. We do see progress with lots of exercise, mentally enriching toys and praise. THANK YOU AGAIN. 

D. and M.Piceno and Trixie (Boston Terrier) Orcutt, CA

dog with Hide a Squirrel

So we got the squirrel tree on your recommendation and I think somebody really likes it- In fact, he likes the entire tree and everything in it!!  Lol

S. Passaro and Rudy, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you soo much for circling back to us!!   Things have been going great! The separated feedings and extra exercise have done wonders for our little pack! We really appreciate you being a voice of calm reason for us amidst our panic! Thank you again :) 

S. And M. Mogensen and Penny and Jasmine, Winnetka. CA

Norwich Terrier

Hi Dr. Jill,Thank you so much for your time working with us yesterday.  Charlie's behavior is already night and day different with ....  Whereas Charlie would usually bark as he comes down the stairs first thing in the morning, today he sat in anticipation (on the leash on the couch), wagging his tail, and then greeted very enthusiastically.

S. And M. McHugh and Charlie, Brentwood, CA


Banksy is doing great.  His Giardia is cleared and he's becoming more independent and loving each day.  Thanks for checking in and helping us get through the first few weeks together!  

A. Macur and Bansky, Mission Viejo, CA