Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist?

Certified Applied Animal Behavior Animal Behavior Society

Behavioral advice can come from many different places. To a large degree, people providing advice vary in education, training, and expertise. A Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) is a qualified expert in the field of clinical animal behavior. A CAAB is certified by the Animal Behavior Society, has a Ph.D. (in Psychology, Zoology or Biology) or DVM, has undergone a minimum of two years residency in a formal behavior program, and is bound to humane and ethical standards. They maintain the highest qualifications and their recommendations are based in science. They must be up to date on research, attend scientific conferences, and re-certify every five years. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists have extensive knowledge and expertise in advanced learning theory and behavior modification techniques. Humane and science based methods are used to positively change the animal’s emotional responses and help owners modify and manage the behavior safely and effectively. CAABs work closely with veterinarians to address medical issues that can contribute to behavioral changes, and in severe cases, discuss medication when an applicable adjunct to a behavior treatment plan is indicated. For Applied Animal Behavior experience click Continuing Education.