Animal Behavior Group Education

Live public speaking engagements for groups of ≥ 5 people interested in animal behavior. 

Topics and format vary according to group dynamics and interest.  Choose a format and subject to best suit your needs and goals.


  • Aging
  • Getting Along in a Dog Park
  • Pets and Family Violence
  • Assessment and Adoption Matching
  • How to Choose the Right Pet from the Shelter Introducing a New Member to the Family
  • Puppy Mills and Animal Hoarding
  • Aggression and Fear
  • Age, Developmental, and Socialization
  • Bite Prevention
  • Getting Along on Leash on the Street
  • Dangerous Dogs and the Law
  • Animals and Children
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • What Happens Behind the Horse Race Track?
  • Animal Welfare
  • Enrichment Tools
  • Behavior Modification and Training
  • Treating Common Behavioral Problems
  • Animals in Captivity
  • Wolves to Dogs
  • Animal Signals 101
  • Preventing Behavioral Problems
  • Intra – Species Communication
  • Reducing Stress in the Veterinary Clinic
  • Reducing Stress in the Animal Shelter
  • Drug Therapy and Behavior Modification
  • Reducing Stress in Captivity


  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups
  • Zoos
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Animal Behavior and Welfare Conferences
  • Academic Institutions
  • Legal Groups and Bar Associations


  • Lunch and Learn
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Case Studies

Please complete and return the following Forms:  ContactConsent, Continuing Education, and Behavior History (if applicable)

  • "I had the pleasure of meeting you on November in Edmonton, Alberta at your seminar on Understanding your Pet’s Behavior and Learning How to Change It. I really enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot. The four hours flew by and you left me wanting more!"
    J Cantofino, Program Mgr, Trainer, Clever Canines
  • "Dr. Goldman has been putting on presentations that have received excellent reviews. She is great! Jan Scarlett was also impressed with her when she lectured at Cornell at the shelter medicine course and Julie Morris, who has seen countless presentations, said she did an outstanding job at the Delhi."
    L. Miller, ASPCA Veterinary Senior Advisor
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to the SCVMA. It was superbly delivered."
    W.M. Mackie, DVM, Animal Birth Control, LA, CA
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