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Jill A. Goldman, M.Sc., Ph.D., CAAB is an expert in the field of animal behavior, with a focus on pet behavior.  

Interviewed regularly via video, print, and radio, she offers scientific and ethical information about animal behavior issues and treatment of them.

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Red Bull TV (2017): Pet Project, Game for Cats

YouTube (2017): Gnash's Pet Project-Making Music for Dogs

National Geographic (2017): Pet Talk : Breaking Bad...Habits (Season 2: March 31)

CBS (2016): The Doctors: Signs of Stress (March), Cube Groom (April), Dogs and Hugging (July)

Discovery Family Channel (2016, 2015): Animals Make Us Laugh Out Loud (7 episodes): Can a Bird and Cat be Friends? (April 2015): Pet Proofing your Home.

ABC-7 (January 2009): The Pet Shrink

Time Warner Cable CNN Headline News, Coast Mesa, CA (2007): Available upon request.
Inappropriate Elimination in Cats (June)
Animal Communication Signals (May)
Improving your Relationship with your Pet (April)
Prozac for Dogs (March)

Animal Planet (2002, 2003): Animal Precinct

Discovery Channel (1995, 1998): Animal Talk

Partridge Films Ltd. ABC/Kane Productions (1990): Wildlife Tales, Family of Wolves



The Wildest (2022): Why is my Cat Hiding? Pet Central (2019):  Separation Anxiety in dogs: Symptoms, causes, and how to help..

American Kennel Club (2019): Why do dogs tilt their heads?, What are dog Zoomies?

Veterinary Practice News (2017): Is it a medical problem or a behavior problem?

PetMD (2017): Eight common cat fears and anxieties.

National Geographic (2016-2015):Cats and skiing. (February 2016), Cats and cucumbers. (November 2015)

The Dodo (2015-2013): Do dogs get anxiety just like people? Do dogs remember their puppies after they're separated?, OCD dogs, people have similar brains. (June 2013) Why animals adopt other animals (May 2013)

Kittens USA (March 2014): Litter box training for kittens.

Cat Fancy (August 2012): Hit the road with your cat.

Orange County Register Laguna News Post (2009): Local behaviorist helps pet parents (January)

Puppies USA (Summer 2008): Doggy daycare.

Ivanhoe Medical Breakthroughs Smart Woman Series (November 2008)

Echo (Fall 2007): Doggie blues.

WebMD (July 25, 2007): Cat’s ‘Sixth Sense’ predicting death? (April 18, 2007): Dealing with devil dogs and crazy cats.

Orange County Register Laguna News-Post (March 27, August 16, 2007): Pets on prozac.

Portland Home (February/March 2005): Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle.

NY Times (December 22, 2002): New York Dogs


RADIO (Many of these segments are no longer accessible :(

Pandemic Pets:  How Animals And Their Humans Are Now Adjusting To Reopening (September 2021):

Professional Radio Network (July 25, 2016) (12:52) (February 6, 2014)

Canine Boredom and Destruction (December, 2013) (84:30-95.34)

Basic Dog Needs and Training Tips (May, 2012)

Dr. Jill Pet Show (2011): Recorded segments available upon request.
What is an Animal Behaviorist? (February 15)
Behavior vs. Behavior Problem (February 22)
Training: Confrontational vs. Constructive (March1)
Safety: Pet and Kids (March 8)
The Importance of Early Exposure and Socialization (March 15)
Obesity in Pets (March 22)
Homeless Pets and Shelter News (March 29)
Wildlife Rescue (April 5)
Equine Behavior and Rescue (April 12)
Working with T-Touch (April 19)
Mail Bag Cases (April 26)
People who are Afraid of Animals (May 3)
Companion Bird Rehabilitation (May 10)
Wolf Dogs (May 17)
Equine Behavior and Welfare (May 24)
Feline Behavior and Multi-Species Households (May 31)

Wendy Nan Rees Animal Talk (2010):
Separation Anxiety (November 9)
Dog Behavior and Safety (July 12)

The Lucky Dog Show (2008):
Barking (October 11)
Legal Matters (September 27)
On-Leash Training Tips (September 6)
Dog Park Etiquette (August 2)

Interview: KSRO News Radio, Santa Barbara, CA (February, 2008)

Interview: KKGO Radio, Pet Place, Los Angeles CA (2006)

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