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Dr. Jill Goldman is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.  She works closely with veterinarians to make sure animals are treated holistically, with the understanding that physical health and psychological wellbeing work together. She treats every animal as unique, and uses ethical and humane techniques only. Dr. Goldman is a court qualified expert for legal matters involving animals, a published author, a speaker at national and international behavior conferences, and interviewed regularly by the media.

Jill A. Goldman M.Sc., Ph.D.
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist


  • "I thank you for your work on the case.
    If I ever have another case involving an animal (or if any of my colleagues asks for a reference), I know who to go to!"
    LaFollette and Johnson, J. Scupine
  • "I hired Jill to work out a behavior plan for my two dogs on two separate occasions. She has incredible knowledge of how to alter poor behavior with positive and safe reinforcement. Her plans were detailed, specific and easy to follow. Jill follows up on the plan and makes sure progress is being made. My dogs are happy and better behaved in the situations that challenged them and Jill was instrumental in getting them to that point. Steve hired Dr. Goldman in 2007 and hired her more than once."
    A. and S. Alfano
  • "This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Thanks for your help, I would not have done it , if it weren’t for you. Thanks again for all your help and care. I feel that you so genuinely care for my dog."
    M. Masters
  • "The Newport Hills Animal Hospital is happy to recommend Dr. Jill Goldman's Animal Behavior Services. Our veterinarians have been referring clients to Dr. Goldman since 2006 and are pleased with her professionalism, quality, and care."
    Newport Hills Animal Hospital, Dr. Lyle
  • "It was a wonderful presentation Dr. Goldman. Thank you very much. We couldn’t stop talking about all that we learned."
    PETCO, Anaheim
  • "Dr. Goldman was very instrumental in this victory… (Ruling after trial de novo on appeal from an administrative hearing , City of La Quinta)"
    D. Cordle Law Offices of Frederic Wieder, Palm Desert, CA
  • "Dr. Jill Goldman’s testimony and her opinion on this incident is the better reasoned one…"
    Hon. R.J. Polis Neutral Arbitrator, Judicate West
  • "Irvine Veterinary Services are happy to recommend Dr. Jill Goldman Animal Behavior Services. We have been referring clients to Dr. Goldman since 2006 and have engaged her group education Lunch & Learn for clinic staff. We are pleased with her professionalism, quality, and care."
    Irvine Veterinary Services, Drs. Cole and Keng
  • "I have known Jill Goldman for a number of years. She is a highly intelligent individual with an unusual ability to work with a wide variety of animals in a variety of contexts. She has established herself as a leader in important animal training, wellness and overall care issues."
    Dr. John Fentress
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